Monday, February 15, 2021

Your First Facebook Ad Training - 2021 Edition


Ready to get serious about Facebook ads? Here’s a free, no bull course full of actionable content to get you started.

Screen shot of actual results doing exactly what this training will teach you. Sales will be in the four figures this month.

Also this training is updated for 2021 and incorporates what you need to know about the IOS14 update.

 We specialize in creating compelling ads and using low spends for maximum returns. This training will give you the entire technical piece to get started.

Part 1: Preparing to Run Ads  ~15 minutes

We’ll go over the pieces and parts authors need to assemble before you run an ad.

Part 2: Ad Set Up and the Ads Interface  ~40 minutes

Where to find the ads manager, what it looks like, how to set up an ad with tips and tricks for authors.  (And yes, I misspelled default in the one slide. Argh! But I left it because I had a terrible time even getting the text to show up in the first place.)

Part 3: Ad Metrics and Ad Analysis ~20 minutes

Where to find information on ad performance, an overview of ad metrics, how to babysit your ad, and the next step from here.

Course Notes - A quick reference of key takeaways from the training.

IOS14 Information

A webinar on what the IOS14 update is and how it impacts authors.

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 And please let us know how you’re doing with your ads! You can find us in the Wolf Pack Promotions group on Facebook.

Note: IF your ads don't work after this training, the next step is to take the paid ads class where we dig into what makes ads compelling and ways you can increase conversion. One of the bonus perks of the paid class is that it includes an ongoing private discussion group as well where you'll have access to course updates and other training.

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  1. I don't have very many friends on Facebook, 250 or so. Is it best to start a new Facebook account to run ads for my new book? I also have a blog Site with about 1,000 subscribers. Does this still make Facebook a viable marketing channel by comparison?


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